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The Colorado Peach Blog

The Colorado Peach Company Orchards

The Colorado Peach Company was originally founded in Fort Collins, Colorado as a tree-ripened Palisade peach retailer in 2017, and quickly expanded to include local and regional wholesale distribution and nationwide direct-to-consumer peach shipping.

Now in 2023, the Colorado Peach Company is proud to be a grower of premium Colorado Palisade peaches.

“We’ve been working toward the goal of becoming premium Colorado peach farmers for the past several years, and we’re excited to finally be moving into full production”, says Nathan Meyer of The Colorado Peach Company.

Colorado Peach Co is leasing established peach orchard blocks to ensure premium quality fruit and consistent production.

“We already know these orchard blocks have been producing high quality Palisade peaches for several years now, so leasing them just makes sense.”, commented Meyer.

Colorado Peach Co expects to grow all of the fruit they sell this year, and hope to expand their operations further in the coming year.

“By next season, we hope to expand further with additional peach orchard leases in Mesa and Delta counties.”, says Meyer.

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