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Georgia, South Carolina 2023 Peach Crop Loss Likely to Impact Colorado Palisade Peach Prices, Availability

South Carolina and Georgia -the 2nd and 3rd largest peach producing states in the US- both suffered major crop loss due to a late spring frost in March, 2023. 

By some estimates, Georgia lost 80%-90% of its total 2023 peach crop.

Peaches are likely to be pricier, and in shorter supply across the United States this summer, as Georgia and South Carolina -who supply around a quarter of the nation’s peaches- lost 80%-90% of their 2023 peach crop.

California -which already supplies around half of the peaches in the US, along with smaller producing states like Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Colorado likely will struggle to fill the void left by Georgia and South Carolina’s absent crop.

How much will Palisade peach prices and availability be affected?

While prices are expected to rise, and less availability is expected overall, will that impact your local neighborhood fruit stand? The short answer is, it depends.

Larger Colorado growers will likely be sending more fruit out of state in an effort to capture new markets, while smaller growers that focus on supplying local fruit stands and grocers may not be affected by the national shortage.

What about consumers wanting to order peaches online to be shipped to their home or office in 2023?

Nathan Meyer of The Colorado Peach Company notes that, “In recent weeks, we’ve noticed several companies that ship Georgia peaches -like The Peach Truck and Tree Ripe Fruit Co– announcing that they will have limited availability this year due to the frost. At Colorado Peach Co, we expect to be at or beyond capacity this year, as people seek out alternatives for peach shipping.”

“We’re highly recommending pre-ordering this year if possible, and we plan to start accepting pre-orders in June for August and September shipping.”, added Meyer.

Local Colorado consumers can expect Palisade peaches to arrive at their local fruit stands a week or two later than usual this year, with freestone varieties expected to arrive around mid-August, but as usual, they’ll be well worth the wait!

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